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    This immersive Software Testing course is designed with one goal in mind:
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Live Online Classes, as if you are in a classroom

Due to Covid-19, TechFios offers online classes that allow you to learn on your time, anytime. Our live classes are taught by instructors, who are all US based and currently active in the IT field. They cultivate a collaborative and interactive environment, making you feel as if you are taking the class in person. With the use of diagrams, presentations, real life scenarios, and other functions, our instructors make sure to take the time to make sure you understand the material.


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Our graduates work at some of the top fortune 500 companies

JP Morgan & Chase

Automation Engineering

Get trained to become a Competent Software Tester and get hired to Accelerate High-Quality Product Deliveries. TechFios guides you towards building a meaningful career in Software Testing.

Start Your Career With In-Depth Training

Gain a robust understanding of a vast range of software systems, databases, Linux commands, and best test management techniques. Our Software testing program is designed to provide a robust understanding of defect tracking, defect lifecycle, manual testing, automation testing tools, and a vast range of performance testing tools.

Hands-On Practical Knowledge

Our courses are designed to provide real-life experiments on a vast range of software testing tools. You’ll carry out a broad range of software tests, including managing, tracking, and organizing as well as receiving valuable insights to improve your testing productivity.

Robust Guidance To Jumpstart Your Career

TechFios is dedicated to empowering you with everything you need to secure a job after finishing your program. Our on-campus career guidance counselors will help you with a vast range of tools and preparations, beginning from optimizing your resume, personal branding, career and interview prep, and finally connecting you to our corporate partners. With our guidance and your hard work, we are sure that you will get a great start in your new career in no time at a terrific company.

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We offer scholarships to recent graduates.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Computer Networking System

Intro to basic computer systems. Learn the ins and outs of computers, hardware, binary and hexadecimal systems.

Chapter 2: Software Development Life Cycle

Theoretical classes that define your Job responsibilities, team layout, and methodologies. Understand requirements, documents to work with, Agile Scrum, Waterfall, etc.

Chapter 3: Manual Testing

Formal testing processes, test cases, test plans and HP ALM practical classes to help you understand the testing world better.

Chapter 4: Structured Query Language, Mongo

SQL from a QA perspective. Be able to do data validation and simple to complex queries to access and control databases. Intro to no-sql database, Mongo.

Chapter 5: Java, Github

Hello world! Become a competent JAVA programmer – Know 40% of what a developer knows today from an automation testing perspective. Get today’s industry standard of source control system.

Chapter 6: Selenium, TestNG, Cucumber

Intro to Automation (What is it? Why?), Need of it? Automation vs Manual? Different Approaches and tools for automation, Selenium Jars / Web Driver Download, Setup and Installation, Cucumber, TestNG

Chapter 7: Rest Assured API

Intro to integration testing, learn the technique for testing the Application’s request vs response. Test To validate: HTTP Codes, Contents, Load using Postman, SoapUI, and Rest Assured Automation.

Chapter 8: QA Automation Framework Project

This QA capstone project will give you the opportunity to implement the skills you learned throughout this program.

TechFios DevOps Career

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Our Program Coordinators will develop you into a marketable candidate for the IT Industry. Our support specialists will work with you on resume building, mock interviews, and the job search.

Our Students

At TechFios, you'll collaborate with other hard-working students driven by motivation.

“If you are looking for a very fast paced class to get your feet wet, I believe TechFios is the place. Instructors are always very nice and helpful. I must say that they give you answers to every questions very patiently.”

S Rahman, QA Alumni, 2020

“Really love the way they their course are designed. Very very good trainer and they all know how the industry works and how to get into the market. Their course content is awesome and really to the point.”

A Yasin, QA Alumni, 2019

“Great IT/Career Training school, highly recommended to all Friends, Family, Acquantances. If you're looking for a change in your life and receiving training for future proof careers, this is the place to be.”

Jeff M, QA Alumni, 2018

TechFios DevOps Instructor

Our instructors are all US based and currently working!

Our instructors are both easily accessible and approachable as they take a hands-on approach in assisting you during the job search process. They also match your pace and take the time to fill in the gaps of your understanding. To ensure the best chances of landing your dream job, the team conducts mock interviews, feedback on presentation skills, and etc.

Outcomes: Who Has Hired Our Students

Our course prepares graduates to work at today’s most impressive companies.


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